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Blog Posts in August, 2009

  • DWI Field Sobriety Tests - Just Say No

    || 18-Aug-2009

    We have long argued that the Standard Field Sobriety Tests (SFST) used in DWI arrests is junk science. The so called "tests" have never been peer reviewed and are actually not science at all. Dr. Greg Kane decided to examine the field sobriety validation studies. Dr. Kane has examined the raw data that cops, and the public for that matter, never see. His conclusions, the numbers just ...
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  • The Exonerated

    || 17-Aug-2009

    Texas Monthly These 37 men spent 525 years in prison for crimes they didn't commit. Then came the hard part: freedom. The first thing you notice is the eyes-they all have the same look in them, the look of men accustomed to waking up every morning in a prison cell. These 37 men spent years, and in some cases decades, staring through bars at a world that believed they were guilty of terrible ...
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