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Blog Posts in January, 2012

  • On Friday, federal agents told news sources that they had successfully terminated two major drug trafficking and money laundering operations. The operations were reportedly taking place in the state of New Mexico, specifically Albuquerque, and involved a firefighter and a group of farmers that grew pecans. While conducting their investigation, authorities searched the property of the alleged drug ...
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  • In the city of El Paso, a man from West Texas was placed under arrest by local police for theft crimes. Allegedly, the man known as J.V. stole an ambulance, drove it to a nearby grocery store, and then proceeded to shoplift frozen foods. On Monday evening, police received reports that an ambulance was stolen from the Del Sol Medical Center parking lot. The vehicle was waiting to transport a ...
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  • What is the Role of a Vocational Expert?

    || 12-Jan-2012

    In order to eliminate fraudulent incidents of Social Security Disability, a vocational expert is often called to testify in Social Security cases. This is an individual that assesses an individual to determine his/her ability to work in the current marketplace. By performing an assessment of that person's skills and comparing it to available jobs in the area, the vocational expert can report ...
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  • Several students at a Texas high school were doing much more than just attending classes. They were running a drug ring that included the sale of prescription drugs and marijuana. When police first suspected that the students were operating out of the same school, they started an undercover investigation. A police officer was even sent in undercover to pose as a student. Based on the evidence ...
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