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Blog Posts in March, 2012

  • Do you currently suffer from asthma that is debilitating in nature? If so, you may qualify for Social Security Disability. There is a five-step process that the government uses to determine if someone is eligible for Disability if they have a history of suffering from asthma. First, you must show that you are attempting to work but are unable to obtain gainful employment. If you are making more ...
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  • In the city of Seguin, recent reports indicate that a county administrator was accused of drug possession. Now, it has been reported that the County Judge, M.W., will quit his position in South Texas. He has plans to turn in his letter of resignation on March 26, 2012 and announced his intentions to vacate his position on Tuesday during a county commission meeting. Back in February, 58-year-old ...
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  • Plano Man Sentenced to 40 Years for DWI

    || 19-Mar-2012

    On February 21, 2010 a man was pulled over for running a red light, upon approaching the vehicle, the officer noticed that the traffic violator had alcohol on his breath and slurred speech. The officer proceeded to conduct three standardized field sobriety tests, all three of which the man failed. The man admitted to the officer that he had been drinking; he additionally asked if he could just ...
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  • In Houston, Texas, multiple news sources are covering a story involving a young boy that was kidnapped over eight years ago. According to the reports, the boy was taken by his babysitter and may now be returned to his biological parents after being found. The boy, M.M., was placed in short-term foster care after officers arrested the babysitter who allegedly kidnapped him back in 2004. M.M. is ...
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  • In one Texas city, area law enforcement received reports that a house the rural community was being used as a drug lab. A constable was dispatched to the scene and was standing outside of the home with an eviction notice when the residence suddenly exploded. Reports show that the explosion took place six miles outside of Victoria, Texas on Monday during morning hours. When interviewed by a local ...
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