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Blog Posts in January, 2015

  • Why Were My Disability Benefits Denied?

    || 29-Jan-2015

    You will likely apply for Social Security Disability benefits when some illness or disability prevents you from working. These benefits are extremely important, as they help you keep your home and maintain your medical needs even though you are unable to obtain employment. While you may fully understand your need for benefits that does not mean that you will automatically get benefits. ...
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  • When Do Police Need a Search Warrant?

    || 28-Jan-2015

    Under the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution, citizens are entitled to privacy when they have an expectation of that privacy. Law enforcement must uphold that expectation in a majority of situations. Specifically, the Fourth Amendment ensures that a person is not subjected to an unreasonable search and seizure of their property by police without a warrant. Key to the legality of a ...
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  • Tips to Keep the Cost of Divorce Down

    || 27-Jan-2015

    One of the things that should never prevent someone from getting out of a marriage is worrying about the cost of divorce. When divorce is on the table, making the best decision for you and your family should be the primary concern. While divorce can be expensive, there are always ways that you can drive down the total cost of the process. How can I minimize the cost of my divorce? Divorce can be ...
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  • Posting Bail After an Arrest

    || 26-Jan-2015

    Have you been arrested in connection with a crime? The first thing you want to do is get out of jail. In order to do so, you will likely have to post bail. Bail is money or property given to the court that serves as collateral for appearing in court. When bail is posted, the accused agrees to pay the set money to walk free with the promise that they will show up for their court appearance at the ...
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  • What SSDI Benefits Are Available to Breast Cancer Patients?

    || 23-Jan-2015

    Breast cancer develops in the cells of the breast, affecting both women and men. Doctors that diagnose breast cancer oftentimes begin an aggressive campaign to stop its spread, leading to those that have been diagnosed having to take time off from work and away from regular life to focus on pursuing recovery. Since someone with this illness will not be able to work as usual while undergoing their ...
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  • What Is Constructive Possession of a Controlled Substance?

    || 21-Jan-2015

    Prosecutors in the United States come down hard on drug crimes. So hard, in fact, that you can be accused of drug possession even if the drugs are not found on your actual person. How can this occur? Governed by the concept of constructive possession, prosecutors can show that someone accused of a drug crime had control and dominion over drugs that were found in a different location than they ...
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  • When a Stepparent Can Adopt Their Stepchild

    || 20-Jan-2015

    The modern American family has shifted to blended families, or marriages between people that have children from previous marriages. This means there are more stepparents, stepchildren, and stepsiblings. For many of these families, the option of adoption is on the table. Adoption of stepchildren means that the stepparent has legal say over their upbringing and care, and establishes the stepparent ...
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  • Can I Request the Location of My Trial To Be Moved?

    || 19-Jan-2015

    When someone is being brought up on criminal charges, they will have to stand trial in the courtroom in the county the crime is said to have occurred. However, there may be some instances where this courtroom will prohibit the defendant from receiving the fairest trial. Since a fair trial is the cornerstone of the criminal justice system, a suspect's legal team can petition to have the ...
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  • SSDI Benefits Have Income Limits

    || 16-Jan-2015

    When someone has an established physical or mental disability, they are eligible to receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). These benefits are only available to those that have been made eligible by paying into the Social Security system for several years. Depending on their earnings records, benefits can average $1,165. What should I know about working with SSDI? When someone ...
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  • How to Choose the Best Drug Crime Lawyer

    || 15-Jan-2015

    When you have been arrested for a drug offense, you need the help of a seasoned drug crime attorney. Texas does not take the prosecution of drug crimes lightly, and in many cases, even possessing small amounts of any controlled substance can result in significant jail time, fines, probation, and a stain on your criminal record. Do not leave your future in the hands of the court! Hire a drug crime ...
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  • What Are Your Post-Divorce New Year's Resolutions?

    || 13-Jan-2015

    Now that the New Year celebrations have ended, you have time to think about those resolutions you made for yourself. While some resolutions may be longer lasting than others, one of the best resolutions you can make is making this year a positive one. Tips to Make 2015 Your Best Year Family law involves sensitive and oftentimes emotional situations that are tough to recover from. This year, take ...
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  • Statute of Limitation Laws in Texas

    || 12-Jan-2015

    Many crimes are bound to a statute of limitations that places restrictions on the amount of time a prosecutor has to file formal charges against an individual. Should the prosecutor fail to bring a criminal case within the allotted time period, the state loses their right to put an individual on trial for an alleged crime. What are the statutes of limitations for common crimes? Different levels of ...
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  • Does an Autism Diagnosis Allow SSDI Benefits?

    || 9-Jan-2015

    Recent estimates by the Centers for Disease Control state that 1 in every 68 children can be diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). ASD is a group of varying developmental disabilities that cause challenges with socialization, communication, and behavior. This condition exists from birth and is usually diagnosed by the time a child is three. Importantly, ASD is a spectrum, meaning that ...
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  • Cocaine Trafficking Violates Texas Controlled Substances Act

    || 8-Jan-2015

    As in all other states in the country, cocaine use, possession, sale, and trafficking is illegal in Texas. Cocaine trafficking is defined as knowingly selling, purchasing, delivering, or manufacturing cocaine. In fact, cocaine trafficking is in direct violation of the Texas Controlled Substances Act. This act decrees that someone can be found guilty of drug trafficking if it can be proven that ...
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  • Calculating Alimony in a Texas Divorce

    || 7-Jan-2015

    Following a divorce, one spouse may be required by the court to pay alimony to the other spouse. This is oftentimes done when one spouse will be unable to provide for their basic needs as a result of the divorce. Unlike in other states, the court in Texas generally assumes that spousal maintenance is not necessary unless evidence is provided to the contrary. What can I expect from an alimony ...
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  • Shoplifting On-Sale Merchandise Carries Same Penalties

    || 5-Jan-2015

    After the holiday season, many stores offer sales and discounts on merchandise to make way for newer products. With such great deals, the stores are often flooded with consumers looking to get the most for the leftover holiday shopping money. However, as stores get more busy and crowded, shoplifting incidents often increase. Even with next-to-nothing prices, taking any item without paying is still ...
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  • You May Be Eligible to Work While Receiving SSDI Benefits

    || 2-Jan-2015

    When you sign up for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), you are showing to the Social Security Administration (SSA) that your illness or disability is severe enough that it prevents you from being able to support yourself by maintaining your current employment status. While some people are reluctant to work at all since they fear their ability to collect SSDI payments would be lost, SSA ...
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  • Have You Been Caught Selling Marijuana?

    || 1-Jan-2015

    Marijuana is a controlled substance and its use is prohibited under federal law. While more and more states across the nation have legalized marijuana for recreational and medical use in their jurisdictions, Texas still classifies it as a Schedule 1 substance. This means that Texas views marijuana as having a high potential for abuse with little to no recognized medical value. Due to Texas's ...
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