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Blog Posts in February, 2016

  • Cab Driver Stabbed in Dallas

    || 29-Feb-2016

    Early Saturday morning (Feb. 27), a cab driver picked up a man outside of a nightclub in the 4100 block of East R. L. Thornton Freeway, but not long afterward, the passenger ended up stabbing the cab driver and driving off with his cab. It all began around 5 a.m. on Saturday after the cab driver picked up the passenger at the club. According to the cab driver, the two of them were discussing which ...
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  • Avoiding Immigration Scams

    || 24-Feb-2016

    Many people, including thousands of Texas families are seeking help with immigration matters. Unfortunately, not all people who are offering assistance are authorized to offer it. While some of these people mean well, too many of them are doing it to rip innocent people off. Not only is this illegal, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services calls these activities “immigration services ...
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  • Social Security Disability Basics

    || 23-Feb-2016

    Are you interested in applying for Social Security Disability benefits? If so, we encourage you to read on as we provide some basic information about your rights and responsibilities while receiving SSDI benefits. In order to receive SSDI benefits, you cannot start receiving payments until your disability has lasted at least five months. Generally, an approved applicant can start receiving their ...
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  • Social Media Threats Against TX Schools

    || 22-Feb-2016

    ARLINGTON, TX – In recent months, there have been more threats made against Arlington schools than Sergeant Mike Leonisio would like to admit, and it’s his job to investigate them. “We had several toward the end of the last semester,” said Leonisio, the one in charge of overseeing Arlington PD’s School Resource Officer unit. He said there were some threats made in ...
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  • Fate of Immigration Detention in Texas

    || 17-Feb-2016

    AUSTIN – In December 2015, immigrant advocates spoke during a public hearing, pleading with child protection officials to consider the fate of thousands of undocumented women and children that are being held in detention centers. Immigrant advocates are strongly against the state licensing the detention centers as child care facilities. “They are prisons, plain and simple,” said ...
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  • Social Security Taxes & Working for a Nonprofit

    || 16-Feb-2016

    Do you work for a nonprofit organization? If so, you may be wondering if your employer is required to pay towards your Social Security taxes. According to the Social Security Administration, employees who work for nonprofit organizations are required to pay Social Security taxes on any earnings that exceed $100. If you work for a nonprofit, you and your employer are each required to pay 6.2% ...
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  • Texas Trucker Caught With Nearly $5 Million in Cocaine

    || 15-Feb-2016

    A truck driver from South Texas was arrested after authorities caught him allegedly trying to smuggle 132 pounds of cocaine. According to Orange County Jail records, M. Cano Moreno, 30, of Alamo, was in custody on a charge of possession of a controlled substance. On Thursday, Feb. 11, Moreno was arrested following a traffic stop that occurred on Interstate 10 in Southeast Texas. Investigators said ...
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  • Man Accused of Sexually Assaulting 4 Students

    || 11-Feb-2016

    Keller police have arrested T. James Burns, 44, of Arlington, Texas for targeting teenage girls. Burns is accused of sexually assaulting female high school students, all from the Keller area. The Keller Police Department has a scheduled news conference about the Burns’ case Thursday at 1 p.m., which will stream live on NBC 5’s website. A two-week long investigation took place, which ...
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  • Born Abroad: Citizenship Through Parents at Birth

    || 10-Feb-2016

    Sometimes when people are born abroad, they are automatic U.S. citizens at birth. However, this depends on the citizenship status of their parents. What qualifies as parents ? This would include your genetic father, your genetic mother, or a non-genetic gestational mother, providing she is the legal parent at the time you were born. For Children Born Outside the U.S. If a child is born outside the ...
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  • Getting Your SSDI Application Right

    || 9-Feb-2016

    Each year the Social Security Disability insurance program pays out $143 billion to over 11 million Americans who cannot work due to serious medical conditions, and those numbers have been increasing over the years, according to the most recent report. In 2013 alone, the Social Security Administration processed 2.7 million applications, which was a huge jump from the 1.9 million applications it ...
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  • Dallas PD's Quality of Life Initiative

    || 8-Feb-2016

    DALLAS – In recent weeks the people of Dallas have seen an increase in aggressive panhandling in the downtown area and surrounding neighborhoods, according to Assistant Chief Gary Tittle. “The citizens are voicing their concerns and we are answering the call,” Chief Tittle said. What constitutes aggressive panhandling? It involves the act of going up to a person and verbally ...
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  • SSDI: What You Must Report

    || 3-Feb-2016

    If you were approved for Social Security Disability benefits, then that’s good news. Please be aware that once you start receiving your benefits, you will have certain reporting responsibilities. The Social Security Administration asks that all individuals receiving SSDI benefits promptly notify the SSA whenever a change occurs, which could affect the person’s benefits. Also, any ...
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  • Immigrants and Human Trafficking

    || 2-Feb-2016

    Human trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery, and it exists in Texas. Unlike smuggling where people illegally bring immigrants into the United States, human trafficking is an exploitation crime. While anyone can be a victim of human trafficking, immigrants are frequently targeted because they don’t speak good English and because they often lack a financial or social safety net, making ...
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  • Dallas Police Search for Driver Who Ran Over a Dog

    || 1-Feb-2016

    Dallas police are searching for the driver of an SUV who ran over a woman and her dog in a crosswalk at the intersection of Cedar Springs Road and Throckmorton on Saturday afternoon (Jan. 30). The driver ran over the woman’s dog, and ran over her foot, knocking her to the ground; her dog died just minutes later. H. Mosley and her friend were both walking their dogs on Cedar Springs Road in ...
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