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Blog Posts in January, 2016

  • Texas 1st Grade Teacher Fired for Duct Tape Incident

    || 28-Jan-2016

    In November, animal rights advocates were outraged when a woman taped her dog’s mouth shut with duct tape. That story went viral on Facebook, but it didn’t take long before it made national headlines. Just two months later, something similar has happened but much closer to home, and it didn’t involve one dog, it involved 22 first graders in Wichita Falls, Texas. A first grade ...
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  • SSDI: Am I Still Disabled?

    || 27-Jan-2016

    Have you been receiving Social Security Disability benefits and you just got a letter in the mail telling you that the Social Security Administration will be reviewing your medical condition? If your answer is “yes,” we want you to know that the agency is required by law to periodically review the current medical conditions of people who are on disability to ensure that they still ...
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  • Texas Law on Harboring Immigrants Challenged

    || 26-Jan-2016

    On Monday, Jan. 26, a federal lawsuit was filed by immigrant rights attorneys challenging a Texas border security bill; they are contending that it could target landlords and shelters for harboring illegal immigrants. The Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund is hopeful that a judge will find part of a security bill passed in 2015 unconstitutional. The parties in the lawsuit include ...
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  • First Degree Felony Theft Charges in Texas

    || 25-Jan-2016

    In Texas, the offense of “theft” is covered under Section 31.03 of the Texas Penal Code. Under this section, a person commits the crime of theft when he or she unlawfully steals property with the intention of depriving the owner of their property. Taking or appropriating someone else’s property is illegal when it’s taken without the owner’s consent, or when the person ...
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  • I'm Working, Can I Apply for SSDI?

    || 21-Jan-2016

    When you think about it, a significant number of people have a medical condition of some sort. From asthma, to PTSD, to diabetes and everything in between. Sometimes these conditions make it very difficult to get through the day, but we work anyway because we can’t afford not to. If you are working full time and you have a chronic medical condition, you may be wondering if you can apply for ...
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  • Supreme Court to Hear Obama's Immigration Plan

    || 19-Jan-2016

    On Tuesday morning, Jan. 19, the Supreme Court agreed to consider Obama’s immigration plan, which would provide work permits to about 5 million illegal immigrants, who would also be shielded from deportation. This is the latest news in the heated debate over illegal immigration, which has been at the forefront of the presidential campaign. The high court will be hearing the case in April and ...
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  • Dump Truck Used to Steal Plano ATM

    || 18-Jan-2016

    Sometimes just when we think we’ve seen it all, another “creative” crime is committed and the recent case of a Chase ATM being ripped out with a dump truck is a perfect example. The story unfolded at the Chase bank located in the 3700 block of State Highway 121. An alarm went off at one of the bank’s ATMs and Plano police were called to the scene. When the deputies arrived ...
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  • Continued Eligibility for SSDI Benefits

    || 13-Jan-2016

    If you recently became disabled and are interested in applying for Social Security Disability benefits, you may be wondering how long you can expect to receive SSDI benefits, and that is a valid question. Fortunately, there isn’t a time limit for receiving SSDI benefits. Usually, once someone is approved for SSDI, their benefits continue as long as they are still disabled. However, under ...
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  • Citizenship for U.S. Military Members

    || 12-Jan-2016

    One thing that Texas is very proud of is its robust military presence. With Fort Hood and NAS Fort Worth, we see our fair share of military members who are interested in the naturalization process for themselves, or their loved ones overseas. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) recognizes the sacrifices that are made by non-U.S. citizens who are members of the U.S. Armed Forces, as ...
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  • MADD: Try Couch as an Adult!

    || 11-Jan-2016

    On Jan. 11, officials from Mothers Against Drunk Driving launched an online petition demanding that Ethan Couch – a North Texas teen who used the “affluenza” defense after killing four people in a drunk driving crash – be tried in adult court. MADD is asking the public for 30,000 signatures demanding that his case be moved from juvenile court to adult court before his Jan. ...
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  • Can I Still Receive SSDI at Retirement Age?

    || 6-Jan-2016

    For many years, full retirement age, also known as “normal retirement age” was set at 65. However, that figure has slowly changed over the years. Today, for people who were born in 1938 or later, the retirement age increases gradually until it reaches 67 for individuals born after 1959. Under the 1983 Social Security Amendments, there is a provision for raising the full retirement age ...
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  • Central Americans Targeted for Deportation

    || 5-Jan-2016

    With the arrival of 2016, U.S. immigration agents initiated their first raids of the year, and we can expect there to be more. Their goal: to deport families, including women and children, who have crossed the United States’ southern border in the past two years. In a statement, Jeh Johnson, the head of the Department of Homeland Security, said that raids in North Carolina, Georgia and Texas ...
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  • Ethan Couch's Deportation Delayed

    || 4-Jan-2016

    FORT WORTH, TX – Legal experts believe that the Texas teen who cited the “affluenza” defense in a fatal drunk driving crash may be trying to delay his deportation to the United States by claiming that his human rights were violated by Mexican authorities. Ethan Couch, 18, successfully delayed his deportation to the U.S. based on his constitutional appeal in Mexico. Now, the trial ...
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