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Blog Posts in September, 2016

  • What are the Benefits of U.S. Citizenship?

    || 29-Sep-2016

    Should you, or should you not become a U.S. citizen? If you become a U.S. citizen, what are the benefits? Certainly you’ve heard people call the United States of America the “land of the free,” and you’ve heard that this is where people come to achieve the “American Dream,” so what about your dreams? When immigrants come to the U.S. to live and start a new life, ...
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  • Credit or Debit Card Abuse Charges in Plano

    || 28-Sep-2016

    These days, just about everyone has a debit card from a banking institution and most people have both credit and debit cards. While these little pieces of plastic are easy and convenient to use, they come with strict rules. If your name is not on a credit or debit card, you’re not supposed to use it without the cardholder’s permission. You’re not supposed to borrow a ...
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  • Underage Drinking Penalties in Dallas

    || 27-Sep-2016

    If you are a parent, you can certainly recall being a teenager and seeing other teens drink alcohol. If you’re like most, you might have watched as minors drank beer at house parties or out in the country while sitting outside their vehicles. Or, perhaps you watched as your own friends would try to purchase beer from a liquor store illegally. That teenager might have been you. Now that ...
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  • Marijuana Possession Charges in Plano

    || 26-Sep-2016

    As of this writing, 21 states have decriminalized marijuana possession offenses, including Colorado, Nevada, California, Nebraska, and Ohio. Decriminalization basically means that if someone is caught with a small amount of marijuana, they will not be arrested, and they will not obtain a criminal record for a first-time offense, providing they had a small amount of pot for personal use. ...
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  • Qualifying for Social Security Disability

    || 22-Sep-2016

    Most of us must rely on our health so we can work and provide for ourselves, and so we can provide for our families. Whether you’re single, married, or married with children, surely it’s critical that you can work and provide for your household. When you unexpectedly become disabled because of an accident, illness or disease, your whole world is tuned upside-down. How are you going to ...
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  • Federal Crimes Defined

    || 21-Sep-2016

    State crime, federal crime, what’s the difference? In the United States, we have state laws and federal laws. A federal crime is simply an offense that violates federal legislation or federal laws, whereas state crime is a violation of state law. By far the vast majority of offenses are in violation of state law, which means that most people who commit crimes are prosecuted in the state ...
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  • DWI Accidents With Injuries

    || 20-Sep-2016

    As a Texas driver, you’re surely aware that driving while intoxicated (DWI) is against the law. Under Section 49.04 of the Texas Penal Code, DWI is generally prosecuted as a Class B misdemeanor offense, assuming there aren’t any aggravating circumstances present. Whenever another person, such as a passenger, another driver or passenger, a pedestrian, or a bicyclist is injured or killed ...
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  • Penalties for Forgery in Plano, Texas

    || 19-Sep-2016

    In life, it’s not uncommon for a husband or wife to sign their spouse’s name on a check for deposit, or on other important documents. A parent may do this for their child’s school papers, or an adult son or daughter may sign their disabled parent’s name on an important document. People often do this because it’s just easier, but the problem is what they are doing is ...
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  • Exceptions to Naturalization Requirements

    || 15-Sep-2016

    While there are clear paths to citizenship and eligibility requirements, such as being able to read, write and speak English, U.S. immigration law has established certain “exceptions and accommodations” for individuals who qualify, especially for people who have disabilities. One of the major exemptions applies the English language requirement. According to U.S. Citizenship and ...
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  • DWI Charges in Plano, Texas

    || 14-Sep-2016

    If you, or someone you love is facing driving while intoxicated (DWI) charges in Plano, Texas, or any of the surrounding areas, you surely have questions about the potential penalties that follow a conviction. Please, continue reading as we provide a brief overview of DWI in Texas. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, about every 20 minutes someone is injured or killed in an ...
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  • About Military Criminal Justice

    || 13-Sep-2016

    Once someone joins the United States military, they are subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), which was created by Congress following World War II. Before the enactment of the UCMJ, service members were disciplined under the Articles of War, which was criticized for being unfair. Today’s UCMJ is a standardized system for criminal justice, which applies to all branches in ...
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  • Kidnapping Charges in Plano, Texas

    || 12-Sep-2016

    In Texas, the offense of “kidnapping” is criminalized under both state and federal law. Depending on the facts of the case, an individual accused of kidnapping can be prosecuted in state or federal court. To learn more about kidnapping under state and federal law, we encourage you to continue reading as we provide a brief explanation below. Under state law, the offense of kidnapping ...
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  • About Social Security Disability Payments

    || 8-Sep-2016

    If you are considering filing for Social Security Disability (SSDI) benefits, you will certainly have questions about your payments. When will your payments start? How long will you be able to receive benefits? When, and in what form are SSDI benefits paid? We can say that almost every one of our disability clients asks us these questions. So, we are going to answer them for you in this post. If ...
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  • Is Stealing Cable a Crime?

    || 7-Sep-2016

    If a person is technically savvy and they live in a house, it may not take them long to realize that it’s not too difficult to “tap into” the local cable services. You screw a wire in here, and connect another one over there and suddenly you have free cable. It seems innocent enough, after all, it all takes place on one’s own property, but the cable companies and the law ...
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  • Texas Penalties for Aggravated Assault

    || 6-Sep-2016

    If you, or someone you love is currently facing “aggravated assault” charges in Plano or Dallas, Texas, it’s critical that you find out what types of sentencing and penalties you are up against. Aggravated assault charges are serious, and depending on the facts of the case, this offense is charged as a first or a second degree felony under Section 22.02 of the Texas Penal Code. ...
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  • Your Rights After an Arrest

    || 5-Sep-2016

    In Texas, when someone is arrested, he or she has specific rights, for example, once an arrest takes place, the arresting law enforcement agency must take the personal arrested to see a magistrate within 48 hours. Once the arrested person is brought before the magistrate, the magistrate has to inform the arrested person of the following, and they must use clear language in the process: Inform the ...
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  • Green Cards for Cuban Immigrants

    || 1-Sep-2016

    Under the current U.S. immigration laws, Cuban immigrants are afforded special privileges that are not given to other foreign citizens. According to the Cuban Adjustment Act of 1966 (CAA), Cuban natives or citizens, as well as their accompanying spouses and children get to enjoy the fast track to lawful permanent resident status and U.S. citizenship. According to the CAA, if a Cuban native or ...
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