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VA Appeals

VA Appeals in Dallas, Texas

Has your disability claim been denied by the VA?

This happens rather frequently. You might have received notification from the VA office and felt their disability rating is too low or the effective date is wrong. In either case, you have the potential for taking legal recourse. The appeals process provides a way of overturning denied or incorrect claims. Whether you decide to reapply or to appeal, the process can entail months of waiting and seemingly endless forms to fill out. This can cause your stress to mount as time and money are wasted. You need someone with the ability to handle your claim in a speedy and efficient manner. Our veterans' benefits attorney from our firm can work to face the appeals process for you.

What To Do If Your Veterans' Benefits Claim Was Denied

To appeal the VA's decision, you must file a Notice of Disagreement within a year of the initial ruling. This form is a request for a hearing and another review of your claim. You can appeal to a VA regional office, or perhaps to the Board of Veterans' Appeals (BVA). If you appeal to the BVA, be prepared to wait months just to receive initial paperwork, and then face another long wait once the forms have been submitted. A direct appeal to a decision review officer (DRO) at your regional VA office can be speedier, but if your claim is denied again, it has only added time to your BVA appeal. You may want to consult a veterans' benefits lawyer while considering your options.

In an appeal, there will be a review of evidence that was already submitted, though you can provide new evidence if this is pertinent. At this point, an appeal can be a faster way of being awarded benefits than by reapplying. Still, your claim could be again denied in an appeal, or the BVA may send your case back to the regional VA office. If the BVA does deny the claim, then you have 120 days to appeal to the United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (USCAVC).

This would turn your appeal into a civil action before a U.S. federal court. If your case is taken to the USCAVC, then this will usually mean that there has been a legal misstep by the BVA. The USCAVC can review your claim and decide that the VA did not correctly follow legal guidelines. The court can demand that the BVA review your claim again through more legally accurate methods. If the court does not agree with you again, you can appeal to higher courts, but it is almost never worth it.

Experienced Veterans' Benefits Lawyer Can Fight for You

Whether you need to appeal an inaccurate decision or a denial from the VA, The Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC can provide you the uncompromising legal representation that you deserve. Our attorneys are equipped with the experience and knowledge to represent you in any stage of the appeal process. You can find the tenacious veterans' benefits attorney you need at our firm.

Our lawyers have more than 30 years of combined legal experience to put to work for you. These are decades of practice that have yielded solid representation to many deserving clients. With our firm, you could be working with an AV Preeminent® lawyer, recognized by peers for outstanding ethics and legal ability. Start today and receive reliable legal counsel, by retaining a lawyer who can strive to win your appeal. Call The Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC today!