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Fast and efficient

Great support provided by this office. Right in time, straight to the point, and get the things done. I needed support with a business that was asking me to pay money I for services I didn't get, and they were charging me for late fees. Jason Zendeh sent them a letter and he made them stop letters and calls. Issue is almost closed and I have to thank Jason for the great support provided. Definitely, it was a smart decision to call them for support.

Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.

When we received papers from a company stating that they were suing me, our lives were forever changed! We were lost and weren't sure what to do. That's when we found Jason A. Zendeh Del at The Zendeh Del Law Firm. Jason talked us through the process and assured us he would "get to the bottom of it" so to speak. The beginning of the "end of our lives" as we called it then started, August 2016. Jason talked to us as if we were his family and made sure we understood everything that was going on. All of the "work" was done through email and over the phone being that we lived 308 miles apart. That didn't matter to Jason and we had already gained our faith in him. Although we had faith in Jason we were still scared. The months went by and Jason stayed in contact with us, even during Christmas break. Right after the 2017 New Year we received an email from Jason labeled "good news" and he was right, GOOD NEWS. Jason had gotten everything done and dismissed, between my wife crying and trying to email Jason you could say emotions were high. Anything you have, Jason is not scared to attack it. Any worries you have, Jason will address them immediately. I do know, if I ever have any legal issues, of any kind, I will be contacting Jason with The Zendeh Del Law firm. Anyone that I know that ever has any legal issues, I will be sending them to Jason. If you are scared about the future when you are in a legal battle, trust in Jason, he will pull you through it. Jason & The Zendeh Del Law Firm, we are forever grateful to you and for you.


Words cannot express the gratitude I have for this firm. Mr. Zendeh Del is Awesome! He made my difficult situation as easygoing as I could have never imagined. I highly recommend this firm to anyone seeking legal assistance. Such a pleasant staff to work with. Jason is very knowledgeable and such a pleasure to work with. I cannot thank him enough. Two Thumbs Up! Thanks for everything!


I had a very complex case in front of me but Zendeh Del Law Firm turn it very simple with a quick and outstanding result. From now on I will definitely rely on Mr. Zendeh for my legal issues. Thanks a lot!

Have someone in your corner like Jason is Win Win.

As I faced this life alternating experience, I understood that is crucial to have someone back you up no matter what the outcome is. To know and feel that you are not walking into some sort of trap or fraud/scam, is something that Mr. Jason has always helped me out with every step of the way! Yes the Zendeh Del Law Firm has really earned their star on the wall for me! Muchisimas Gracias!!!

Proven Results

I live in a different city, but needed help in the Dallas area for my son. I actually had a very good friend's lawyer pass along a recommendation for Jason Zendeh Del. So I interviewed Jason and was very impressed. However I made the initial mistake of going with a different attorney, all the while wondering if I made the right decision. Critical mistakes were made by the other attorney and then I reached out to Jason. He was extremely kind and offered a plan. His advise was critical in both accelerating my son's timeline, and in clearing his name. I can not recommend Jason enough. He not only saved us precious time (which by the way the other attorney had dismissed as impossible), and completed the case, but also personally made sure every last detail was taken care of. For anyone wondering how you could possibly navigate the complicated legal world, Jason is your answer. He will give you honest, effective and proactive professional attention.

Best Social Security Disability Law Firm in Metroplex

The Law Firm is great, but my most sincere kudos go to Farrah. She always answered when I called or quickly returned my calls. She was always knowledgeable, compassionate, and professional. I would have quite more than once if not for her encouragement. She had or got me the answers to my questions. She kept the bureaucrats informed and did the pains taking gathering of reports from doctors. When I had a stroke during the application process, she checked on my condition with my spouse and offered her support. The bureaucrats could take lessons from this firm. It took over 12 months to get an answer. This firm got the job done!!!!! I went through this once before 10 years ago, waited 18 months for a hearing and only heard from my attorney twice, one of those two was wanting a ride from the airport to the hearing. He was distracted during the hearing and thought he had a slam dunk. This time I hired the right firm. I trust the firm knows what a gem they have in Farrah. Thank you does not seem enough, but THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! I have only lived in the area for 3 1/2 years so I took a chance when I went to these people, but when I left their office the first time my gut said I made the best choice, and now I know I did. Again THANK YOU FARRAH FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK AND THE ATTORNEY ALSO!!!!!!!

The best decision I made in 2014 was to hire this firm to represent me in my SSDI claim

Farrah was simply amazing to work with. First rate, 5 stars. She was always kind, informative, professional and very likable. I never felt any judgement or negativity from her or anyone else in the law firm and I was always treated with compassion, respect and kindness. If I had any questions she was always willing to answer them no matter how long it took for her to help me understand them or the process. And she stayed on top of it all so that I did not have to worry about anything. She even filled out every single form required because I have arthritis in my hands and my writing is not legible. And if there was any movement in the case I was immediately called. And here is the greatest thing about my experience... I was approved 100% SSDI on the very first try!!!!! Now that right there says it all. I am so happy I followed my instincts and chose this firm to represent me. I really appreciate all Farrah did on my behalf and all the other people in the firm that helped her to do her job, on my behalf. Thank you Farrah. Thank you, The Zendeh Del Law Firm.

Zendeh Del law firm is nothing but outstanding!

Zendeh Del law firm is nothing but outstanding! I had situations arise from a vehicle accident that I certainly needed professional counsel on. I researched on-line and found Zendeh Del law firm. Did not know them at all and took a chance. Let's just say it was a smart choice. From day one Jason treated me with the utmost respect and was very honest with my situation and possible outcome. He was very reinforcing and confident that the chances of the outcome being in my favor was very probable. Jason and his firm's support kept in contact with me and returned my phone calls quickly. I will definitely continue to utilize Jason and the Zendeh Del law firm when needed. I highly recommend this firm in the event any kind of law defense is needed in your life.

Jason made me feel like I was his only concern & that there was light at the end of the tunnel.

I can't say enough about the Zendeh Del Law Firm and my lawyer, Jason Zendeh Del. I had another attorney originally with whom I saw little progress with my case. Months into the case and after many resets, this lawyer then decides to actually stop practicing criminal law and asked if I would be willing to have Jason take the case on… WOW! This was actually a very fortunate stroke of luck for me. The difference in the two styles and approach with my case was like night and day! I immediately felt comfortable after my very first meeting and was treated with respect to make a very stressful period in my life bearable. Jason fully explained to us each step of the process of the case and answered all our many questions and concerns. He was so prompt in returning phone calls, texts, emails. Once I found Jason Zendeh Del, it took him just a few mos. from start to finish to get the case settled for me. And although this experience was one of most horrific event in my life, Jason made me feel like I was his only concern & that there was light at the end of the tunnel. I was completely impressed by his professionalism and dedication. Moreover, if in future, I were to come across anyone who unfortunately finds themselves in need of his professional services, I will highly recommend Jason Zendeh Del to them without a second thought!

We know you have hundreds of cases, but we still felt like we were your only case.

Dear Mr. Zendeh Del, I am writing this letter to express my gratitude for the high quality service you and your law office provided us with during our entire trial process. We appreciate you and your office's kindness, patience, willingness to help and for all of the prompt information feed during our entire trial and case process. We were attended by great people each time we contacted or were contacted by your office, we want you to be proud of your office, we are. The service was amazing. You answered all our questions and were very focused on our case. We know you have hundreds of cases, but we still felt like we were your only case. Thank you so much for believing in us, THANK YOU FOR THE VICTORY YOU AND YOUR OFFICE GAVE US! We appreciate the positive attitude and the professional courtesy we experienced at your office. We wish you all the best!

Words cannot describe the peace Zendeh Del Law Firm has brought our family.

Words cannot describe the peace Zendeh Del Law Firm has brought our family. They handled our case with the utmost professionalism and courtesy - more than anyone can expect. After only one visit it was apparent that Jason and his team only had our best interests in mind. The results far exceeded our expectations...... Thank you Zendeh Del Law!

The outcome was above and beyond all we could have hoped for!

I am so thankful that we had Jason Zendeh Del to represent our 17-year old son's felony case. Jason patiently, yet very promptly, responded to all of our questions, fears, concerns, and our complete ignorance of the steps that we needed to take to guide our son through this. And the outcome was above and beyond all we could have hoped for! Jason's expertise with the court system and the law, allowed us to let him do his job-while we took his advice and direction-guiding us through an experience that started off incredibly frightening and yet ended up being the very best case scenario (outcome) for our son. We would contact Jason again in a heartbeat, should we ever need a lawyer again in the future.

Jason treats you right with compassion and integrity.

If anyone is looking for an attorney, I would suggest going to meet with Jason. He is a compassionate attorney who treats you like an individual, and takes the time to understand your situation. Jason treats you right with compassion and integrity. He will be totally honest with you, and is there for you mentally. I really appreciate the follow up emails and phone calls to let you know what is going on with your situation and what you need to do next, so you don't have to worry. I am really happy that I chose Jason Zendeh Del to represent me, It has made given me one less thing to worry about.....I can't thank him enough.

Without Jason and his team, I would have lost my multi-million dollar company

Without Jason and his team, I would have lost my multi-million dollar company and be sitting in federal prison. I believe The Zendeh Del Law Firm is one of the most successful litigation firms in our community. It is the only firm I turn to for legal work.

Thank you! You guys have been so amazing and awesome throughout this process.

Thank you! You guys have been so amazing and awesome throughout this process. I will send you periodic hellos, just because I don't want to never hear from you again. This will be the best year I've had, in quite some time. Thank you, thank you, thank you! And please tell Mobina I send my deepest appreciation as well. You both are awesome and you rock!

Elena was there for me in ways that far surpassed her job description.

The Social Security Disability lawyer's at Zendeh Del Law Firm have been so wonderful to me. I did not have to worry about filing any of the paperwork involved in filing for my SSI. They did the initial filing, and all of the following appeals. Elena was there for me in ways that far surpassed her job description. She has been kind understanding, and patient with me. Mobina stayed on top of everything that needed to be done. She attended my SSI hearing with me, and won the case for me. I honestly don't know where I would be without these 2 ladies. I owe them my life! I HIGHLY recommend you make the Social Security Disability Lawyers at Zendeh Del Law Firm your choice, if you're looking for an attorney to represent you.

I can now get the medical help I need

I wanted to thank you and your staff for helping me...I can now get the medical help I need. God blesses some folks and they become angels like you.

* Some of these reviews may have been submitted on other websites. We are not affiliated with or sponsored by these websites.