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New Home Created for Texas Juveniles in the Drug Trade

A lot of teens in Texas can get mixed up in the Texas-Mexico drug trade. The cartels entice young people with the promise of money and unlimited access to drugs. They then ensnare the young people to work alongside them selling and smuggling narcotics. If caught, these juvenile delinquents can end up in prison for their crimes, but police are looking towards more rehabilitative approach to correction. Teens that have been caught using and dealing illegal narcotics may be able to avoid serious and devastating sentences if they can display an attitude of repentance and a desire to overcome addiction.

Mr. Bruce Ballou is the chief juvenile probation officer for Maverick, Zavala, and Dimmit Counties in Texas. He recently told the New York Times that he wants to be forgiving to victims caught in the drug trade. He believes that these teens can recover from their crimes through restorative justice and go on to find a career in an upstanding line of work. At the Border Hope Restorative Justice Center, juveniles who are convicted of drug crimes can learn skills like electrical work, carpentry, and construction. These help the kids that will need to develop a career apart from the drug trade when they are released from the correctional facility.

Many teenagers are arrested in Texas each year when they are caught smuggling drugs like marijuana through the state for drug cartels that operate in Mexico. These teens will now be placed in small detention centers like the Border Hope center in hopes that they will repent of their crimes. Bruce Ballou says that in his first year as a juvenile probation officer, he saw 560 teens arrested for drug possession. 36 of the children arrested had more than 50 pounds of drugs in their possession. Most of the drug arrests occur in the border town of Maverick. If you or your child has been charged with drug possession, talk to a drug crimes lawyer at the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC for representation in court.