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The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code - Minors §106.13


(a) Except as provided in Subsections (b) and (c) of this section, the commission or administrator may cancel or suspend for not more than 60 days a retail license or permit or a private club registration permit if it is found, on notice and hearing, that the licensee or permittee with criminal negligence sold, served, dispensed, or delivered an alcoholic beverage to a minor or with criminal negligence permitted a minor to violate Section 106.04 or 106.05 of this code on the licensed premises.

NOTE: Sec. 106.13(a) applies to all retail licenses and permits, including private club registration permits, irrespective of whether they hold a food and beverage certificate. (b) For a second offense the commission or administrator may cancel the license or permit or suspend it for not more than three months. For a third offense within a period of 36 consecutive months the commission or administrator may cancel the permit or suspend it for not more than 12 months.
(c) The commission or administrator may relax the provisions of this section concerning suspension and cancellation and assess a sanction the commission or administrator finds just under the circumstances if, at a hearing, the licensee or permittee establishes to the satisfaction of the commission or administrator:

(1) that the violation could not reasonably have been prevented by the permittee or licensee by the exercise of due diligence;
(2) that the permittee or licensee was entrapped; or
(3) that an agent, servant, or employee of the permittee or licensee violated this code without the knowledge of the permittee or licensee.