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Respiratory System Disability: Sleeping Disorders

We all suffer bouts of insomnia. We all have worries on our mind that keep us up at night. What happens, however, when these problems become chronic, serious conditions that affect our ability to perform substantial gainful activity? What happens when the V-8, Monster, or Red Bull does not work? Does you serious sleep issues mean that you are disabled? Can you get Social Security Disability Benefits because of your sleep disorders?
The SSA recognizes that a sleeping disorder is a very serious problem. It states that sleep-related disorders that involve breathing, that is, sleep apneas, occur when a there is a cessation of breathing from hypoxemia and waking up from sleep. The SSA does appear to create a presumption essentially that many people will respond to prescribed treatment.
Regardless, the SSA does recognize that a "disturbed sleep pattern" causes daytime sleepiness with chronic pulmonary hypertension and/or disturbances in cognitive function. As a result, the claimant can suffer from memory issues, orientation, and personality. Still, the SSA requires, as always, longitudinal treatment to evaluate effective functioning.