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Special Senses and Speech Disability: How Does The SSA Evaluate Visual Disorders?

The SSA defines a visual order as an "abnormality of the eye, the optic nerve, the optic tracts, or the brain that my cause a loss of visual acuity or visual fields." In order to be considered blind, a claimant must have a visual acuity of 20/200 or less in his or her best eye. This includes a claimant's best corrected eye (i.e., correcting lens).
In order to evaluate you claim for a visual disorder, the SSA requires a medical report based on an eye examination. The eye examination must include a measurement of best corrected visual acuity or the extent of a claimant's visual fields. The cause of the loss of the visual acuity must be included, as well, in Social Security Disability Benefits claim (note: this is not a requirement under SSI claims).
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