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Step 5: Other Work

Once you have proven that a person had substantial gainful activity, the claimant has a severe impairment that meets certain duration requirements, the impairment is contained within the " Listing of Impairments," and the claimant cannot perform past relevant work, then the claimant must establish that the claimant cannot make an adjustment to other work. Step 5 is considered to be the most difficult and complicated task in the disability process.
To assist with this, the Social Security Administration established the Medical-Vocational Guidelines (aka "the grid). These guidelines assist SSA decision makers whether a claimant is capable of performing other work that exists. Several factors are the claimant's remaining working capacity (residual functional capacity), age, education, work experience. The Medical-Vocational Guidelines contain three charts--if a claimant matches one of the "rules" on the grid, then that will direct the outcome of the case. If there is not a direct match, then the grids may be used as a framework.
Many cases are won and lost in this area. The future of your Social Security Disability Benefits ride on whether you are adequately able to prove that you are unable to do other work that exists in significant numbers in the economy. Contact a Dallas Social Security Disability Attorney today.