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What Happens After My License Gets Suspended When I Was Arrested For DWI?
What Happens After My License Gets Suspended When I Was Arrested For DWI?

Administrative Suspensions are regulated by Chapter 524 of the Texas Transportation Code. If a person fails to request a hearing or fails to appear to a hearing withou just cause, then the DPS's ruling or determination is final. A very important reason why a person should ...

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Blog posts in August, 2011

  • Can I Go To Trial While I Am Handcuffed?

    Simply because someone is in jail awaiting his or her trial does not mean that they waive some fundamental rights to a fair trial. Yesterday, we ...

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  • What Is Step Five Of The Sequential Evaluation Process?

    Yesterday, we began addressing the step 5 of the sequential evaluation process. It is important to note that the burden in on the claimant through ...

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  • What Is Disabled According To The Social Security Administration?

    Most claims for Social Security Disability Benefits are resolved at step five of the sequential evaluation process . Again, disability, according to ...

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  • Pre-trial Media Coverage, Continued

    What is the process that occurs if a defendant raises serious doubts about whether he or she can receive an impartial jury because of inflammatory ...

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  • If I Do Consent To Submission Of A Test, Must It Be A Voluntary Consent?

    As we have previously stated, the law implies a consent to the taking of a breath or blood test if you have been arrested for driving while ...

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  • What If There Has Been Substantial Media Coverage Before My Trial?

    In cases such as OJ Simpson or Casey Anthony, there has been substantial media coverage of these "cases of the century." In all of these "cases of the ...

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  • Affirmative Links Standard Of Review For Possession Of A Controlled Substance

    Yesterday, we addressed the issue of the affirmative links and the court of appeal's use of them when reviewing a conviction. As we noted, the State ...

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  • What Do Courts Use To Review A Defendant's Links To A Drug?

    Yesterday , we reviewed one of the elements of a the offense of a possession of a controlled substance . That element is possession, and this is one ...

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  • What Must The Police Do To Take A Specimen Under The Implied Consent Statute?

    In order for a police officer to take a specimen, the Texas Transportation Code regulates the manner in which the police act. First, the officer must ...

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