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Does Terry v. Ohio Allow The Police To Conduct A Search?

As we noted earlier, depending on all of the circumstances, the police can be suspicious that a crime is occuring or is about to occur. In that regard, once the police have a suspicion (that can be put into words more than just a "hunch") then the police are conduct a short, and relatively unintrusive stop, of the suspect. Once the police have that person stopped, can the police search the person?

Generally, Terry v. Ohio, and the cases following it, do allow for the police to conduct a limited pat-down of the suspect for concealed weapons. The reason for this, according to the Supreme Court, is that the officer needs to make sure that the suspect does not have any weapons on them that might endanger the officer. Thus, the law allows for an officer to conduct a minimally intrusive pat-down search of the suspect in order to ensure that the suspect does not have any weapons on him.

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