Does The SSA Consider My Ability To Work Part-Time Jobs?

Does The SSA Consider My Ability To Work Part-Time Jobs?

As we noted yesterday, the SSA defines RFC as the maximum amount of work that a person can do for 40 hours a week. Thus, the SSA does not consider a person's ability to determine whether they can work a part-time job.

When addressing RFC, however, it is important to note that there is an exception to the general rule that a person must be able to do continued and regular basis, is that the SSA will consider a person's part-time work. If a claimant has a job that he or she worked less than forty-hours per week, then this job can be considered as past relevant work.

For example, if someone was a part-time book kepper for a law office for several years and this job was, in fact, a substantial gainful activity, then the SSA can considered past relevant work (PRW). Thus, it cannot be considered during step-five of the process, it can be considered during the recency and duration criteria in step-four of the process.

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