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How Does A Person's Blood Alcohol Concentration Increase Or Decrease?

Over the next several blog entries, we will discuss how alcohol affects driving, how alcohol is distrubuted throughout a person's body, and how law enforcement analyzes a person's blood alcohol concentration. As we all know, alcohol is a depressant. Alcohol, once consumed, it is absorbed into the body and will be circulated to different organs through the blood stream. Alcohol is distributed and circulates throughout the body until it is finally metabolized or excreted.

The body can absorb alcohol through the skin, lungs, or GI tract. In most cases, a person ingests alcohol. The alcohol travels through the entire length of the GI tract--from mouth to rectum. Once the alcohol is in in the GI tract, alcohol will then "diffuse through membranes of the GI tract" or the small intestine. It is at the small intestine where most drugs, nutrients, and alcohol is absorbed into the blood stream.

Stay tuned as you learn more than you ever wanted to know about the digestive process of alcohol. If you have been charged with DWI, contact a Plano DWI lawyer.