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Residual Functional Capacity And Step Four Of The Sequential Evaluation Process

At Step Four of the Five Step Sequential Evaluation Process requires the claimant to establish that he or she has a medically determinable physical or mental impairment of such severity that he or she is not able to do his or her previous work. There are two burdens:

  1. The burden on the claimant to produce evidence of the claimant's RFC; and
  2. The burden to produce evidence establishing that, given the claimant's RFC, the claimant cannot perform past relevant work.

At the hearing of your case, the Administrative Law Jude will use vocational information about a claimant's past work. Past relevant work is a term of art and it is important that your Social Security Disability Benefits representative understand what work is considered relevant and what is not considered relevant past work. Tomorrow, we will address what does not constitute past relevant work.

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