Residual Functional Capacity Assessment

Residual Functional Capacity Assessment

In order for an Administrative Law Judge to fully evaluate a person's residual functional capacity, there must be a susbstantial amount of evidence presented to the ALJ. There is a number of different things that a claimant can present to the ALJ.

The evidence that will be considered by the ALJ is:

(a) any evidence that demonstrates a person's daily activities

(b) any observations recorded by a medical professional;

(c) any evidence from the claimant's work history;

(d) work evaluations;

(e) medical history;

(f) medical disabilities;

(g) symptoms, signs, and pain from a medically determinable impairment;

(h) treatment received for disability/medically provable impairment;

(i) the effects of treatment on a person for treatment of a medical impairment.

(j) the kind of work that a person is trained for;

(k) the ability of the person to work on a regular and sustained basis.

These are just a few of the things that the SSA will consider to determine whether a person is unable to perform other work. If you believe that you are disabled, contact a Social Security Disability Attorney today.