The Occupational Definition Of A Truck Driver? Continued

The Occupational Definition Of A Truck Driver? Continued

After the Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT) provides the user a global statement of a particular job (as we described yesterday). The DOT continues with two statements: (1) specific tasks that the claimant will perform to accomplish the overall job description that we described yesterday; and (2) generally will contain several statements that begin with the word "May."

In our example, the DOT describes a truck drivers job functions as "[v]erifies load against shipping papers. Drives truck to destination, applying knowledge of commercial driving regulations and roads in area. Prepares receipts for load picked up. Collects payments for goods delivered and for delivery charges." The purpose of this description to indicate how the worker will actually carry out the required job duties.

We will continue to address this topic. Today we addressed what the SSA defines what a truck driver actually does. Tomorrow we will evaluate what the DOT states a truck driver may do. Though it appears we are taking baby steps during this examination, it is important to address each category specifically. Then we will tie it all in together to determine how a SSA evaluates a truck driver and transferrable skills.

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