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What Are The Police Looking For In The One Leg Stand Test?

When an officer is scoring the One Leg Stand Test, the officer is looking for four clues. These four clues are clues of impairment. In other words, the clues are to indicate whether a person does not have the normal use of his or her mental and/or physical faculties.

These four clues that the police are looking for are:

(1) Sways while balancing (side to side or back to front);

(2) Uses arms to balance;

(3) Hops up and down;

(4) Puts the foot that is elevated down on the ground.

Remember, these are generally videotaped. Thus, a jury will put a lot of weight on the fact that a person is swaying side to side. They will believe that the person is swaying not because of the position that they are in, but because he or she is drunk and unable to stay in a straight position.

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