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What Is Step Five Of The Sequential Evaluation Process?

Yesterday, we began addressing the step 5 of the sequential evaluation process. It is important to note that the burden in on the claimant through steps 1 through steps 4. At step 5, however, the burden shifts to the Social Security Administration to prove that the that there are jobs that exist in significant numbers in the national economy. The SSA must demonstrate or meet its burden by establishing the claimant's residual functional capacity (RFC), age, education, and previous work experience.

There is a two-step analysis when evaluating a claim under step 5 of the sequential evaluation. The claimant must not be able meet the physical and mental demands due to the remaining physical and mental demands of a significant number of jobs AND the individual does not have the vocational capabilities to adjust to work different from that performed in the past. Stay turned as we continue to evalute this process. If you or a loved one should be receiving Social Security Disability Benefits, contact a Dallas Social Security Disability Attorney today.