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The Effect of Berghuis v. Thompkins (08-1470) On The Police?
The Effect of Berghuis v. Thompkins (08-1470) On The Police?

We have been addressing the situation of when does a person unequivocally invoke one's Miranda rights? As we learned yesterday, we know that a person must unequivocally invoke his or her rights. We understand how that affects our clients directly. However, there is another ...

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Blog posts in July, 2011

  • How Does The SSA Evaluate Immune Deficiency Disorders (excluding HIV infection)?

    Immune deficiency disorders are classified into two categories (1) primary (or congenital) and (2) acquired. Congenital disorders consist of X-linked ...

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  • Case Of The Day: Curtilage Around One's Home, Continued.

    The San Antonio Court of Appeals issued an interesting opinion recently. The facts were as follows: A confidential informant told police that the ...

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  • Autoimmune Disorders And Disability?

    As we noted yesterday, autoimmune disorders are caused by a dysfunctional immunre response. The response is directed against the body's own ...

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  • The Difference Between SFSTs And Non-SFSTs

    Yesterday, we discussed Standardized Field Sobriety Tests and the non-standard Field Sobriety tests. Begining in 1975, the National Highway Traffic ...

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  • Can A Person Waive His Or Her Fifth Amendment Right?

    Almost every right that is guaranteed to a criminal defendant by the U.S. Constitution can be waived, in some form. This includes the privilege ...

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  • Drug Enforcement Agency Names "Bath Salts" A Drug Of Concern

    No one would ever associate "bath salts" with drug use, but the Drug Enforcement Agency has recently named "bath salts" a drug of concern. In fact, ...

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  • How Do The Police Administer The HGN Test? (Part III)

    In the never ending quest to squelch drinking and driving, law enforcement officials have gone to great lengths to create ways to investigate whether ...

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  • What Kind Of Statements Are Not Covered By Miranda?

    As we noted yesterday, Miranda and its progeny are concerned with statements that are made as the product of custodial interrogation. In other words, ...

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  • How Do The Police Administer The HGN Test? (Continued)

    Police use the HGN as part of their arsenal to investigate DWIs . They are used throughout the nation and the test is very heavily promulgated by the ...

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