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Can I Go To Jail For Distributing Valium When It Is A Legal Drug?
Can I Go To Jail For Distributing Valium When It Is A Legal Drug?

We receive this question often. The answer is an emphatic yes. Though drugs like Ritalin, Xanax, and Valium are common drugs, they are drugs that are highly regulated and monitored by local, state, and federal authorities. In order to obtain one of these drugs (legally), you ...

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Blog posts in June, 2011

  • What Affects My Performance On The Standard Field Sobriety Tests?

    As we noted previously, the State must prove that you are intoxicated by proving that you (1) have a BAC of 0.08 or (2) loss the normal use of his or ...

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  • I Have Trouble Concentrating At Work, Can I Be Considered Disabled?

    We all suffer from it. Lack of concentration at work. There are roughly a million other places where we would rather be. We have the screen savers on ...

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  • What Does A Blood Alcohol Concentration Of 0.08 Or More Mean?

    Yesterday, we discussed the legal definition of intoxication and noted that there are two ways to be intoxicated. If a person does not have normal use ...

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  • What Is My Punishment If I Distribute LSD?

    The good ole 60s and 70s gave us this classic drug. The number of users and dealers have decreased in notoriety, though, over the last four decades. ...

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  • What Is The Role Of The Modern Day Grand Jury? Part I

    As we noted in a previous blog, the framers considered the use of grand juries vital to our democratic system. That is why is contained within the ...

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  • What Is The Punishment For Boating While Intoxicated?

    As the summer heats up, so does our commentary on boating while intoxicated . As stated, it is one of the least publicized crimes in Texas. However, a ...

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  • When Can An Officer Board My Boat To Investigate Me For Boating While Intoxicated?

    Yesterday, we blogged about the little discussed offense of boating while intoxicated . Though it is very similar to DWI , there are some slight ...

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  • What Is Penalty Group 1A?

    As we noted in previous blogs, Texas divides controlled substances into five penalty groups. The penalty group that we will discuss today is a ...

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  • Can I Seal My Arrests From When I Was A Juvenile?

    We all acted out as a juvenile. We all did things that we look back upon and cringe and ask, Why did I do that? Most of us don't have a record of our ...

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