Can I Clean Up My Criminal Record?

Can I Clean Up My Criminal Record?

Our clients often ask us if this arrest, conviction, or probation will show up on my record? This is an extremely important concept to understand because of the ramifications that an arrest record will have on your ability to obtain certain licenses or get a job. Also, if you get in trouble again then the police might use that previous arrest against you. In Texas, there are two avenues to clean up your record and keep your problems in the past. One is expunction and the other is nondisclosure.

Expunction: An expunction is when the court orders that all agencies that have any record of your arrest delete those files. The affect of this is that the arresting police department, the prosecuting attorney, the courts, the clerks, DPS, and other agencies MUST comply and remove all documents relating to your arrest and prosecution from your criminal record. The Texas Code of Criminal Procedure dictates who is and who is not eligible to have his or her records removed. This generally means that if a person is arrested and not convicted then that person will be eligible. Also, if the case is dismissed or you are acquitted, then you are eligible.

Also, if you were placed on deferred adjudication for a Class C, then expunction will be available if you completed it and were not convicted of a felony in five years.

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If you have been charged with a crime and wonder if you are eligible for an expunction, contact a Plano criminal defense lawyer today.