Can I Seal My Arrests From When I Was A Juvenile?

Can I Seal My Arrests From When I Was A Juvenile?

We all acted out as a juvenile. We all did things that we look back upon and cringe and ask, Why did I do that? Most of us don't have a record of our mistakes on file with DPS and other police agencies, they are simply in our memory. What if you were arrested as a juvenile? Is there anything that you can do to prevent your future being held back?

The Texas Family Code regulates all interaction between the court system and juveniles. The Texas Family Code does provide for juveniles a means to file an application with a juvenile court of the county in which the proceeding initially occurred. If, as a juvenile, you were found to have engaged in delinquent conduct or conduct indicating need for supervision or were taken into custody then you might be eligible to have the records sealed. First, two years must have elapsed since the final discharge and the person has not been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor involving mortal turpitude (e.g., theft, prostitution).

It is important to remember that if the offense was an offense listed under Texas Family Code section 53.045, then you might not be eligible for an order sealing records. These offenses are murder, capital murder, manslaughter, aggravated kidnapping, sexual assault, aggravated sexual assault, aggravated assault, aggravated robbery, and other offenses.

If you have been charged with a crime as a juvenile, contact a Plano criminal defense attorney.