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Conditions Of DWI Probation Continued

We have been discussing the conditions of probation for DWI in Texas. The following terms of probation for DWI offenders are generally for those offenders that the court believes needs more assistance. Generally, the more DWIs a person has on their record, then the more likely a judge will place more conditions of probation. In addition to these, the court might require as a condition of probation that the person pay for any outstanding restitution for any damage that was caused by the defendant (e.g., in an accident).

For example, one condition of probation might be the requirement that a person receive alcohol treatment. This might mean that a person attend AA or an alcohol counseling program mandated by your county probation department. Another condition of probation is to submit to random urine analysis to determine if you are consuming alcohol. Thus, a condition might be that a defendant not consume any alcohol or drug while on probation. 

Depending on the facts of your case, a court may mandate that person spend a few days in the county jail as a condition of probation. For example, if a person is on probation for their second DWI, a condition might require that the person spend a few weekends in jail.

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