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Due To Brady Violation, Tarrant County Prosecutors Nobly Agrees To Set Aside Death Penalty For Woman

Chelsea Richardson made a splash in Tarrant County six years ago - she was the first woman from that county to be sentenced to death for murder. For the victim's there was closure. However, as the result of prosecutorial misconduct, the case has been raging for the last four years.

In this case, the lead prosecutor withheld evidence that would have been useful and beneficial to the defense during her trial. That is a violation of the United States Constitution and Texas Constitution. The prosecution has a duty in the State of Texas to turn over all evidence to the defense. This includes evidence that is in its possession that will assist the defense (called exculpatory evidence).

Tarrant County District Attorney's office is one of the finest (if not the best) prosecutor's office in the State of Texas. Upholding this reputation were the prosecutors Chuck Mallin and Steve Conder who reviewed the evidence and determined that the defendant did not receive all of the evidence that she was supposed to.

I am sure that it was a difficult decision for the District Attorney's office, but it was the right one. Hats off to Tarrant County District Attorney's Office for doing the right thing.

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