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DWI No Refusal Weekend Turns Into Summer Long Venture

As this blog has noted several times, there is a growing trend in the Texas local law enforcement community to no longer tolerate a refusal after a DWI arrest. No refusal is really a misnomer. As a citizen you have a right to refuse a breath test with the consequence of having your license suspended.

Law enforcement has decided to no longer take NO for an answer. The police and district attorney's office have instituted "No Refusal Weekends" wherein if a person refuses to submit a breath test, the police will obtain a search warrant to draw the person's blood to determine his or BAC.

Comal County, Texas has taken it one step further. The law enforcement community has decided to institute a No Refusal campaign all summer long. That is, if you go tubing down the Guadalupe River and drink a six-pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon, don't expect to drive out of the county without giving a blood test. Be careful if you are driving through Comal County.

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