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I Have Trouble Concentrating At Work, Can I Be Considered Disabled?

We all suffer from it. Lack of concentration at work. There are roughly a million other places where we would rather be. We have the screen savers on our computer monitors of the sandy, palm tree-laden, tropical island. We tend to day dream at work, but does this mean we are disabled? Obviously, the SSA is not going to find someone disabled simply because he or she finds his or her job boring.
The SSA defines "concentration, persistence or pace" as "the ability to sustain focused attention and concentration sufficiently long to permit the timely and appropriate completion of tasks commonly found in work settings." Notice, the phrase "work settings." The SSA wants to know the claimant's ability to concentrate at work and it wants a mental status examination or psychological data.
The tests that demonstrate mental status or concentration must demonstrate short-term memory issues through completing tasks that need to be finished within well-defined time restraints. Thus, a claimant's concentration issues that result from the mental disorder, must have a substantial impact on his or her ability to complete tasks in a timely manner.
Remember, a brain surgeon will not be considered disabled simply because he or she can no longer perform the surgery appropriately. That is, the SSA expressly states that "[d]eficiencies that are apparent only in performing complex procedures or tasks that would not satisfy the intent of this [rule]." The reason why the brain surgeon would not be considered disabled is because the brain surgeon will be able to perform some other job that is much more simple.
If your mental disorder is affecting your job, then you need to contact a Dallas Social Security Disability lawyer today to see if you are eligible to receive Social Security Disability Benefits.