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Man Accidentally Sends Text That Sets Up Drug Deal To Police Officer

If we listen to our grandparents, texting is going to be the end of the universe. Texting and driving has become a major social issue. Congressman Anthony Weiner has just learned the hard way about "sexting." A 25-year-old man in Porter, Texas (Montgomery County) was arrested, along with his mother for a drug deal that was interrupted by the police.
According to police, the man and his mother were attempting to set up a drug deal. The man prepared a text to set it up, but he sent it to the wrong number. The man accidentally sent the text message to a police officer. He was trying to set-up a transaction for the purchase of narcotic prescription pills.
Undercover narcotics agents set up the transaction and arrested the man. The police then went to the mother's home (apparently, she goes by the nickname "Butterbean"). They found marijuana there in the home.

The police charged both the man and his mother with delivery of a controlled substance. If you have been charged with a drug crime in Collin County, contact a Plano drug lawyer.