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Owner Of Dallas Bail Bonds Accused Of HIring Hit Man To KIll Partner

Wow, it looks like James Beavers, a Dallas bail bondsman, was too close to the abyss and suddenly fell into it. He is charged with paying $2,000 to Shawn Lewis to kill Beaver's business partner, Mark Stockton. On Monday, Stockton was shot to death.

Beavers and Stockton owned the bond company, but apparently they had a troubled relationship. On Monday, Beavers told the police that a man entered the bond company and tried to secure a bond. Beavers then told police that the man pulled out a gun and shot Stockton in the head.

Eventually, Beavers admitted to police that the had hired the person to commit the murder for $2,000. Murder for hire, regardless of whether the defendant is hired to do the killing or the defendant is the person who paid the person to perform the murder, is a capital offense that is punishable by death.

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