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Skin Disorder: If I Apply For Disability Benefits, How Will The SSA Assess My Skin Disorder?

In order to receive Social Security Disability Benefits, the SSA requires you to have a severe skin disorder. The term severe is used often when discussing the SSA and disability. The SSA really wants you to be in a lot of pain and discomfort. We often receive the question about whether a claimant's skin disorder is severe enough under SSA terms.
The SSA uses several different criteria to evaluate a claimant's skin disorder. These are (1) whether a person has extensive problems with skin lesions; (2) the frequency of flare-ups; (3) the symptoms of disorder; and (4) the treatment used and the effects of that treatment on the claimant.
Concerning the SSA's evaluation of treatment, the SSA will look to the treatment that you have been given (medication, dosage, amount); all the document responses to the treatment; any adverse affects of treatment; and the expected length of the treatment.