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Skin Disorders: Can I Be Considered Disabled If I Have A Skin Disorder

Many people suffer from some form of skin disorder. However, in terms of disability and the SSA, the types of skin disorder are ichthyosis (excessive amounts of dry surface scales); bullous diseases of the skin (auto-immune disease that results in blisters or accumulation of fluid beneath two layers of skin);  chronic infections of the skin or mucous membranes; dermatitis (itchy skin disorder); hidradenitis suppurativa (clusters of abscesses or cysts that are extremely painful to the touch); genetic photosensitivity disorders; and severe burns.

In order to assess a claimant's skin disorder, the SSA requires a lot of documentation. It wants information about the onset, duration, flare-up frequency, location, size stress factors, seasonal information, do lesions appear, and other miscellaneous documentation. 

If you have a skin disorder listed above or another that is not listed, it is important to remember that when you are pursuing Social Security Disability Benefits your attorney must be prepared to fully advocate and fight for you. These claims can become highly technical and very fact specific. You deserve to have the best representation. Contact a Dallas Social Security Disability Attorney today.