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Terms Of Condition Probation For DWI Continued

In our last blog entry we examined what a typical Texas DWI probation would look like. Remember, there is no community supervision deferred adjudication for DWI--only community supervision probation. Along with the probation, you will have to complete or perform several terms of probation. Those discussed in the last entry are just the ordinary terms of probation. 

However, if you have a case that involved an accident or if you submit to a breath or blood test and the results are high, then the prosecution or court may require additional terms of condition of probation. Obviously, the additional conditions of probation are an attempt to address the problem from the facts of each case (e.g., high BAC might mean interlock device placed on the car).

In Texas, if you submit to a breath test and the breath test demonstrates that you have a BAC level of 0.15, then the law requires you install and maintain a device that will require a breath sample before the ignition will start. The interlock will have to be place on any car that you will drive during probation. 

Stay tuned as we continue this thread on the terms of DWI probation in Texas. If you have been charged with DWI contact a Plano DWI lawyer.