What Will I Do If I Am On DWI Probation?

What Will I Do If I Am On DWI Probation?

Many clients prefer the option of being place on community supervision or probation rather than be placed in jail if he or she is convicted of DWI. Generally, the length of probation, thought it varies from county to county, ranges from 1-2 years. Associated with probation/community supervision are terms or conditions of probation. 

The terms of probation could include a drug/alcohol evaluation. This is to determine if there is a potential to commit more alcohol or drug related offenses. If so, then additional conditions might be added to the terms of probation. 

A person will also have to attend and complete an approved DWI Education class. If so, then that will satisfy the one-year drivers license suspension (unless that person is under the age of 21). 

He or she will also have to attend and complete a Victim Impact Panel. This is a forum that presents victims of drunk drivers to address persons convicted of DWI and warn of the dangers and perils of driving while intoxicated. 

Along with this, the person will have to work, not commit any more crimes, report monthly to a probation officer, pay costs, fines, and probation fees. 

Stay tuned to learn about additional condition of probations that a court can require a defendant to complete. If you have been charged with DWI in Collin County, contact a Plano DWI lawyer.