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Woman Arrested Six Times In One Year On Prescription Forgery

Theresia L. Beckett, 56, from Spokane, Washington has been arrested six times in one year for prescription fraud charges. She is now in jail on a $125,000 bond. She has two additional pending felony charges concerning prescription forgery. Her arrests on June 16, July 20, September 26, October 14 of last year and April 12 and last week have kept her very busy and in deep trouble. 

She was arrested for the last time at a Walgreens in Spokane Valley, Washington. She was already out on a $60,000 bond at that time. She is charged with forging a prescription for hydrocodone at Walgreens. This series of arrests, however, were not her first rodeo. She was convicted of six counts of prescription fraud in 2008 and was given two years probation. 

As we have noted recently, prescription fraud arrests are increasing dramatically over the past several years. If you have been charged with a drug offense in Frisco, McKinney, or Plano, contact a Collin County Prescription Fraud Attorney.