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Tarrant County DWI Court

The purpose of the Tarrant County DWI court is to assist chronic drunken drivers with their rehabilitation. Judge Sharen Wilson created several years ago the DWI court also known as the Felony Alcohol Intervention Project. There are approximately 78,000 drivers in Texas that have three or more convictions. In Texas, the third DWI is a third-degree felony which would result in up to ten years prison (a two year minimum) if convicted. Each conviction after that will result in enhanced penalties.
Tarrant County has 175 probationers in the program. All FAIP participants accept a plea bargain for a seven-year prison sentence that will be probated to four years. If their probation is revoked then they go to prison for seven years. The conditions of the probation are stiff, however, upon completion the participants will have a chance at conquering their drinking issues that plague them.
This a good program ran by Judge Wilson and the Tarrant County District Attorneys office. If you are charged with a DWI, contact a Plano DWI attorney to represent you. If you think you might qualify for this program, give us a call and we will evaluate your case for free.