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Cardiovascular Impairments: The SSAs Evaluation Of Ischemic Heart Disease

Continuing our blog thread concerning the various cardiovascular impairments, we will now address the issue of Ischemic Heart Disease in relationship to determining disability for obtaining Social Security Disability Benefits. If you are not familiar with ischemic heart disease, this is a condition that occurs when one (or more) of a person's coronary arteries is either narrowed, obstructed, or constricted. The affect of this "obstruction" is that normal blood flow to your heart is drastically reduced.
This obstruction may be the result of embolus, a thrombus (blood clot), or plaque. The most common form ischemic heart disease is when heart muscle tissue dies as a result of reduced blood supply, called a myocardial infarction or more commonly, a heart attack.
Generally, if one suffers from chest discomfort as a result of myocardial ischemic origin, this is caused by coronary artery disease. Ischemic discomfort, however, can be caused by a noncoronary artery impairment, such as anemia, pulmonary hypertension, aortic stenosis, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.
Stay tuned to determine how the SSA will evaluate a claimant's Ischemic Heart Disease. Contact a Dallas Social Security Disability Lawyer today.