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Chronic Renal Disease: Can I Be Disabled If I Had A Kidney Transplant?

Generally, a kidney transplant is one of the most serious and potentially life-threatening surgeries a person undergoes. When they are preformed they are drastic operations that take a substantial toll on the person that the surgery was performed on. That being said, the SSA recognizes the severity of a kidney transplant and will consider a person to be disabled for 12 months. Thus, the person will be able to receive Social Security Disability Benefits. The reason for this is that the SSA recognizes that there is a greater likelihood of rejection of the organ and infection that will recur.
With that mind, it does tend to become quite a bit of a fight after the first year. We all know that when a person undergoes a kidney transplant that person is not the same for a lengthy period of time over one year. The person will have residual affects. The SSA does recognize this and will evaluate the presence or absence of symptoms as indicative of any kidney disfunction. The SSA will look at the following: (1) if rejection of the transplanted kidney occur; (2) any side effects of immunosuppressants; (3) how often renal infections occur; (4) whether there are any other infections, neuropathy, or deterioration of other organs.