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Digestive System Impairments: How Will The SSA Evaluate My Response To Treatment?

The SSA provides a lot of explanation concerning its evaluation of a claimant's response to treatment. As we noted in the last blog entry, that the SSA will want to see your response to treatment as demonstrated through medical documentation. The SSA states that in order to evaluate the effects of medical treatment, they will want to see:
(a) The treatment ordered by a medical professional;
(b) The dosage, frequency, and method of administration of the medication;
(c) The documented response to treatment;
(d) Any negative or adverse effects of treatment;
(e) The length of treatment.
Interestingly, the SSA reviews, skeptically, those severe disorders that have not "received ongoing treatment" by the medical profession. In fact, there does appear to be a presumption that if the person has not received treatment then that person will not be able to show that an impairment meets the medical listing. Instead, the claimant will have to demonstrate that the medical impairment limits their residual functional capacity.