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Digestive System Impairments: How Will The SSA Evaluate My Crohn's Disease or Inflammatory Bowel Disease?

Crohn's disease is a form of inflammatory bowel disease that generally affects the intestines (though Crohn's disease can occur from the mouth to the rectum). The condition is linked with the body's immune system response because when a person suffers from Crohn's disease the immune system is unable to differentiate between body tissue and foreign substances. This causes chronic inflammation because the immune system overworks.
If a person suffers from inflammatory bowel disease, his or her symptoms may manifest outside of the intestinal region. This includes eye problems, gallstones, urologic disease, sink problem, or non-destructive inflammatory arthritis.
The SSA states, rather coldly, that surgical diversion of any part of the intestinal tract, including ileostomy and colostomy, "does not preclude gainful activate if you are able to maintain adequate nutrition and function of the stoma." If not, they will evaluate your condition under 5.08 (which relates to weight loss or a person's BMI over a given time).
If you suffer from Crohn's disease or inflammatory bowel disease, contact a Dallas Social Security Disability Lawyer today.