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Digestive System Impairments: What Digestive Disorders Will The SSA Consider?

There are several enumerated digestive system disorders that the SSA recognizes for disability reasons. These disorders include gastrointestinal hemorrhage, hepatic dysfunction, short bowel syndrome, malnutrition, and inflammatory bowel disease. A common complication associated with these disorders is obstruction of the bowel. There can also be other side effects that occur in different areas of the body.
As always, the key word when filing claims for Social Security Disability Benefits is documentation . Again, this includes clinical, laboratory findings, medically acceptable imaging studies, and reports from operations, pathology, and endoscopy procedures.
The SSA is not simply going to award a claimant his or her Social Security Disability Benefits simply because he or she has inflammatory bowel disease. Instead, the SSA will evaluate his or her response to treatment to determine if there were improvements in the symptoms and signs of the digestive disorder. Stay tuned as we will continue this thread in our next blog.