Former Police Officer And Wife Indicted On Prescription Fraud

Former Police Officer And Wife Indicted On Prescription Fraud

An officer for the Nashville Metro Police Department and his wife have been indicted on prescription drug fraud charges. His wife is charged with 16 counts of fraudulently obtaining hydrocodone. The police officer, is a co-defendant, but is only charged with obtaining the drug alprazolam and hydrocodone.

The couple apparently received the prescriptions from Dr. Carey Browder, who was involved in the drug scheme and gave out prescriptions for these drugs. Dr. Browder committed suicide in 2010.

Prosecutors believe that the couple was obtaining the drugs for their personal use.  If you or a loved one have been charged with prescription fraud, it is important to contact a Plano drug crimes lawyer today. Our attorneys have years of litigating these charges and are very knowledgeable concerning the ins-and-outs of the case. 

Contact a McKinney drug crimes attorney today to represent you and defend your constitutional rights. In every drug case, there is a search and seizure issue. Make sure that your attorney is able to evaluate those issues for you and defend you against the prosecution.