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Homeless Sex Offender Arrested For Failing To Update Police That He Moved Out Of Dumpster

Unbelievable. In Albuquerque, New Mexico a homeless man who had been previously convicted for a sex offense was arrested again. As in Texas, New Mexico requires convicted sex offenders to repeatedly update police concerning his or her address. Apparently, the homeless man recorded his address as a dumpster. New Mexico law requires convicted sex offenders to update his address within ten days of moving. Apparently this man did not do this and the top-notch staff caught up with the man in a homeless shelter. They then arrested him.

The defendant told reporters that he was not familiar with the registration requirements. The obvious question is: why did the police accept the trash bin in the first place? Secondly, who was the staff member that accepted the trash bin as an acceptable place to register? Did they not think that he was probably transient and not the settle down type.
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