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Jockey Who Died At Churchill Downs Was Charged With Possession Of Cocaine

The jockey Michael Baze, 24, a jockey who won 918 races out of almost 7,000 starts/mounts was found dead in his car at Churchill Downs. Baze had been arrested for DWI in 2009. Baze was also scheduled to appear in court for a possession of cocaine charge on the Thursday after his death. 

Baze was arrested in November 2010 after the police were investigating a series of complaints concerning narcotics and thefts from cars. He was in a car in a parking lot in the area with the lights off. Baze told the police that he had cocaine in his vehicle.

Baze had purse earnings of over $32 million dollars during his time as a jockey. This year alone, he had purse winnings of $1,191,297. It is not clear at the time of this blog entry what the cause of his death was.

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