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RN Arrested For Diverting Drugs 100 Times From Hospitals

A registered nurse in Seattle, Washington has been arrested for "diverting" drugs approximately one-hundred times before being caught. Gordon McSherry, 46, is accused of taking fentanyl (to treat cancer pain) and other prescription drugs from Seattle hospitals.
The nurse is accused of withdrawing medication for patients who never got them or did not have a doctor's orders for the medication. He was then caught in another hospital taking the fentanyl from a dispenser. He also had fentanyl and midazolam in his backpack. He was fired from that hospital, but, not to be deterred, he went on to another hospital where he took hydromorphone from the Providence Holy Family in Spokane, Washington.
Despite being fired from two hospitals and charges pending against him in King County, he had a fourth nursing job at a Emergency Service center. He was ultimately suspended from there.
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