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Travis County Very High In Drunken Driving Arrests And Dismissals

Travis County (Austin, Texas) leads the State of Texas in DWI arrests over the past several years. Conversely, Travis County leads the State of Texas in the number of DWI dismissals for all Texas counties.  This is an interesting issue. Everyone knows that with the University of Texas at Austin, Sixth Street (and the Warehouse District), the live music scene, and the beautiful lakes so easily accessible that Austin has become a kind-of party town. Thus, one can understand the arrests, but what explanation is there for the dismissals?

Apparently, the prosecutors in Travis County are very reasonable. They understand that the law allows a person to have a drink and drive. The law does not prohibit that. The law only prohibits a person driving when they are intoxicated. The Travis County Attorney's office states that the police have been arresting people where they did not appear to be intoxicated on the videotape that recorded their performance of the Standard Field Sobriety Tests. Also, they passed a BAC test. 

It is nice to see a county do what is reasonable and right and not simply prosecuting at all costs. If you or a loved one have been charged with DWI, contact a Plano DWI lawyer.