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Dallas Teenager Arrested In Drug-Related Death

In August, a nineteen-year-old man, Matthew Allen, went to Dallas to dance at the infamous nightclub Afterlife. At the time, he was suspected of suffering from an overdose. It turned out that he overdosed from the drug ecstacy. The Dallas Police Department announced that it had arrested a nineteen-year-old woman, Skyler Brandt.

Dallas Police are alleging that she delivered (by selling) the controlled substance to Matthew Allen. She now faces first degree felony charges, according to news reports. However, in order to be charged with first degree felony delivery of a controlled substance, the defendant must have delivered four-hundred grams or more. We will continue to monitor this case because a first degree felony for a nineteen-year-old raver seems very harsh. However, this echoes what this blog has been noting the last several months.

If you have been charged with possession or delivery of a controlled substance, contact a Plano drug crimes lawyer today.